Birth certificate British Overseas Citizen

UK GRO Certificates provides a fast and simple service to obtain an official Birth Certificate British Forces and the British Consul or High Commission in the country where they took place.

Are you an Overseas British Citizen?  If yes then getting a Birth certificate can be tricky.  But do not worry UK GRO Certificates has made it easy for you with our online platform you can order for your British Overseas Citizen's Birth certificate online and it would be delivered to your doorsteps anywhere in the world.

Birth records are limited to the beginning of civil registration within each country. For England and Wales Order online for any event which took place on or after 1st July 1849 to the current date provided you have sufficient information to identify the entry. A 3-year search for the index reference will be carried out.

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We provide only the Long/Full version birth bertificate  and these can be used when applying for a first British Passport, driving licence, job application or providing proof of age when claiming a pension.

At UK GRO Certificates we provide Overseas Citizen's Birth Certificate  for:

  • Births registered by the British Forces and the British Consul or High Commission in the country where they took place, from 1849.
  • British Army Regimental records of births, baptisms and marriages dating back to 1761.
  • Marine Births, from 1837, which took place on British registered vessels.
  • Aircraft Births, from 1948, which took place on British registered aircraft.

The birth certificate can come in various formats depending on the record from which the certificate is gotten from.

Birth certificates of full version shows the following information:

  • Registration district, sub-district and county
  • Full name of person born
  • Date of birth - please note this does not usually include the time of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Father's full name, if named
  • Mother's full name
  • Mother's maiden name (and any other previous names)
  • Father's Occupation, if named
  • Signature, description and residence of informant
  • Date the birth was registered
  • Signature of registrar
  • Date the certificate was produced

Adopted Child Birth Certificate

For an adopted child the birth certificate can only be obtained if the original full birth name of the child is known. We cannot issue a birth certificate using an adopted name. In these cases, an Adoption Certificate would be more appropriate. The  Adoption Certificate would be presented wherever the birth certificate is required.

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